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Supercharge and gamify loyalty, enable stored value, activate and enrich your data

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Tomorrow's Brand Experiences Today

From top of mind to top priority. Launch a completely immersive stored brand value experience.

Discover how Tronic ignites your loyalty program. Gamify loyalty with challenges, points, XP, rewards, and more. Discover Tronic enterprise loyalty for your brand.

What People Want


Prefer Personalized Experience

64% of people are willing to spend more on a brand that offers a personalized experience


Increase Spend

People spend 27% more in loyalty programs they feel an emotional connection with


Become Lifelong Customers

59% of people who are loyal to a brand stay that way for life


Make the Switch

75% of people say they’d switch brands for a better loyalty program

Tronic Journeys 

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Loyalty Reimagined

Tronic gives users a hyper-personalized way to discover and engage with brands by creating an ecosystem of experiences that gamify the concept of brand loyalty. Users earn credit for being loyal to their goals and aspirations and interacting with brands that share their values.

Multi-Platform Solution

The Tronic smart wallet and Tronic Journeys provides a continuous experience whether users browse online from their computer or walk through store aisles using their mobile phone.

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Tronic Journeys™ for Everyone

Checkpoints and Incentives

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Digital Wallets and Rewards Programs

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In our dynamic, ever-changing world, where the ways we engage with consumers and the breakthroughs in digital technology never stand still, there's a growing movement towards merging rewards programs with digital wallets.

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