Launched in 2022 and acquired by JBB Advanced Technologies in early 2023, Tronic exists to deliver Web3-based transactions via digital brand wallets that are unique, interactive, online experiences – we call them Journeys - that revolutionize engagement and loyalty between organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) and their key constituencies.

Our proprietary technology enhances the accessibility and usability of Web3 gamification by consumers, brands, and creators. We enable brands direct connection to their fandom with a clear understanding, purpose, and strong utility. By delivering interactive gamified experiences to your community, along with highly desirable rewards, we deepen the emotional connection between you and your audience. And throughout, that process is ultra-secure and easy to use for everyone. We offer you the power to engage your community directly with functionality, security, anonymity, and worldwide interoperability only dreamt of before.

A Revolution in Brand Engagement

We believe technology should make it safe and easy for everyone to create and experience long-term value. We believe the rules of brand engagement are being rewritten for the better. Trust, anonymity, data, security, and ownership will redefine the consumer/brand relationship, and that is why we built Tronic. We are leading the discovery of new worlds of commerce and a better human+brand experience.