Blockchain-based loyalty programs in action: a step-by-step breakdown

How do blockchain loyalty programs work, step-by-step, from the user perspective?

It’s easy to see the benefits of blockchain loyalty programs for those who run them (see our previous article What’s in it for Marketers), but what does the front end of these platforms look like? How do customers use them? Is it really as simple as it sounds? Let’s break down the steps from the customer’s perspective.

Step 1: Enroll

Customers sign in using one tap technology provided by any number of single sign-on providers, like Google. Once signed in, they’ll receive 
a warm welcome to the brand fan community and get acquainted with their digital wallet. This is where they’ll track points, view journeys, and discover the steps that allow them to earn tokens they can redeem for rewards. All interactions are safe, secure, and transparent— keeping customers in control of their own data and establishing trust in the brand. 

Step 2: Entice

Brands can create incentives and rewards for customers to earn and accumulate via journeys. Each journey guides customers through step-by-step brand interactions and experiences. Each step is referred to as a stop, and each stop on the journey requires the customer to perform an action in order to move to the next stop. 

Step 3: Engage

When a customer reaches the end of a journey by passing through all of the checkpoints, they earn a customized token. These tokens can be instantly redeemed for rewards, offers, real-world or digital experiences, or any number of free perks. They can even be traded, gifted, or sold—all within your community, helping to create customer networks around your brand.

In addition to your own perks, allow trusted partners to offer affiliated perks to members for a fee. These non-competitive brand partnerships transform customer experiences and drive revenue dollars like never before. 

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